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What Lagosians Fear Most About Real Estate Agents - DPKay Homes
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What Lagosians Fear Most About Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents in the city of Lagos have had more bad labels as one of the worst of professions. This is only due to the ‘bad eggs’ which have created a bad perception of the profession. Like every respectable profession, real estate agents undergo training with certified programs that educate them on all aspects of real estate management and marketing. Lagosians have had many bad experiences that may take more than just a good word of mouth about a real estate agency (agent) to fuel their fears. Here is a list of some of the strong causes of the fear and mistrust of real estate agents.

Fear of being scammed

A Lagosian who is in need of a plot of land to acquire gets apprehensive after first being introduced to one. The reason is both simple and logical. He or she has a pre-conception of the possibility of being scammed. Every prospect in Lagos knows or at least has heard of someone close by who has been tricked off his/her
hard earned money. From the unpopular Omonile (native land sellers) known for the selling of one property to more than one buyer, to the lack of transparency of the titles (and documents) that cover a land prospects will always be at high alert when dealing with real estate agents. Certainly, this is a tide which professionalreal estate agencies as ours are up against.

We are aware of these fears and ensure that our processes are transparent and trustworthy. When you buy land from us, we sell to you a part of a large concession which is under our control and management. That is why we encourage whoever is considering buying land to patronize a corporate ‘legal’ real estate agency like DPkay Homes. It may be cheaper buying a plot from an Omonile (native landowners), but the consequence is dire as the chances of losing your property to disputes are very likely.

Fear of delay in processing papers for land paid for

What Lagosians Fear Most About Real Estate Agents 2

Another fear Lagosians have is the slow process in getting all the necessary documents that indicate ownership of the land. Bureaucratic overload often affects how quickly a buyer takes ownership of his or her land. DPkay homes are concessions purchased by the real estate agent from the government or from the
appropriate community authorities, which means you are dealing with us as a legal entity and therefore every paper you get is legitimate and is free of bureaucratic tie-down. So, you get your complete papers without delays after buying your land and you can confidently claim ownership of the land you paid for.

Not getting what the customer paid for

This is another pain point and cause of apprehension when a prospect intends to purchase a landed property. It should be straight forward that a customer gets what he or she pays for, but this is not always the case. Incidences such as buyer paying for a certain plot at a specific location and afterward, he or she is informed that the plot has already been bought and should take another since the money cannot be refunded, is a typical painful experience of buyers from native landowners or Omoniles. That is why we insist that you deal with legal entities; you are safe and you can verify ownership and title covering the concession. You are more empowered when you deal with legal and professional real estate agencies such as DPkay Homes. Regardless of the large population in Lagos, the city is further expanding as new areas are added to the megacity. There are still many viable dry lands for residential buildings and commercial uses in locations with great futuristic potentials that meet your intended use. And the best part is that we (DPkay Homes) have concessions in these areas because we want you to have access to these prime locations without fear and heartaches.

Uncertain about the Future Ownership of your Property

What Lagosians Fear Most About Real Estate Agents 3

This is also a fear for many prospects and a cause of many sleepless nights. Imagine waking up one morning to a public announcement that your property has been earmarked by the government for a public purpose; therefore, your building will be demolished with or without compensation. It is a nightmare that no house owner would want to go through. But time and again, this has been the case. This is an understandable reason why some house owners/landlords become hypertensive and sleep with one eye open knowing that their property may slip off their hands.

Generally speaking, there is a lot of education regarding real estate both in the aspect of purchase and sales. And one way to avoid future problems is to be educated. Such education includes knowing what a title is, and who issues titles, what a gazette is, what are the accurate measurements for lands, the value, and viability of property amongst others. These may be so much to take in, but by choosing to deal with a legal real estate agency, it is easier to make a quick and safe decision on a land sale. DPkay Homes makes this process easy and safe, ensuring that your future ownership of your property is certain.

There are a good number of reasons why you should not deal with a real estate agent who is untrained and operates in a manner that is less than professional. Your hard earned money, your efforts in developing a land including your property’s future is worth using a legal and professional real estate agency (agents) to make your purchase decisions. The fears and mistrust in real estate agents (agencies) can become a thing of the past when you only choose to deal with professionals using the right channels. We are available to give you a tour of our properties, educate you on all you need to know about land purchase and also advice you on the property that is a fit for your pocket and intended use.

Now you know, don’t fail to educate your family and friends, and save them from unforeseen head and heartaches.

Need the services of a real estate agent? Contact us today for professional real estate services by our trained agents.

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