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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Queens Gardens - DPKay Homes
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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Queens Gardens

You might have been reading a lot about real estate because you are interested in investing in a landed property soon. If you are reading this article because you need to make a quick decision on which landed property to invest in, then you are lucky because I am going to share with you the top reasons why you need to invest in Queens Gardens and I believe once you are done reading, you will thank me later for helping you make the right choice of investment. Okay, let us get started on the top ten reasons why you need to invest in Queens Gardens.

1 Location

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Queens Gardens 2

Source: www.arthstructure.com.ng

Queens Gardens is located at the entrance of Ibeju Lekki and it is in the vibrant part of Lagos in Sangotedo. The estate is located at the end of Monastery road where the largest mall in Nigeria called Novare Lekki is located. Sangotedo is a fast growing hub at the entrance of Ibeju Lekki local government area and at the end of Eti Osa local government area. This estate is beautiful, quiet and serene. This estate is very comfortable for its residents and the environment creates a sense of relaxation for those living in it. It is also easily accessible from the different parts of Lagos. You can get to your favourite destinations without any hassle and you can enjoy all the beauty this vicinity brings.


2 Amazing Neighbourhood


You can give yourself an amazing tour of the neighbourhood and you can go to your favourite places. Take a look at the places that Queens Gardens have and its close proximity to places like Novare Lekki mall, Ajah Business Hub, RCCG City of David Camp Ground and Sangotedo Business Hub. With great places in this neighbourhood, you can tell that your investment will be worth it.  Who would not want to reside in such an awesome neighbourhood with the potential of also meeting the crème de la crème of the society? We all do.


3 Ownership


Queen Gardens’ properties are Government approved and completed certificate of occupancy. All DpKay homes titles are easily verifiable with the appropriate government authorities. Investing in a property in Queens Gardens will give you all the rights to own a property to your name which is free from any form of acquisition or Omonile troubles. DpKay homes will ensure that your investments go smoothly without any form of hassles and once a property is in your name, you can make the best of it.


4 Investing in Queen Gardens Can Help Mitigate Risk


How does this work? One of the top benefits of investing in a profitable landed property is that it will help mitigate risk in the future which means your investment is well secured. We all know that it is not advisable to have only one stream of income and most times stocks go down. What if your outstanding monthly stream of income can’t cover future expenses that might seem urgent? The best way to mitigate this risk and not run from pillar to post is to use your real estate investment as insulation against higher-risk investments.


5 Investing in Queens Gardens Will Give You Better Returns Than Other Investments

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Queens Gardens 3If you invest let’s say $400,000 in the stock market, you will have to put the entire money into investments as stock markets do not allow payments in bits or instalments. On the other hand, if a property is $400,000, you can pay little by little till the property is fully yours. Real estate investing can outpace classic investing because you do not have to put your entire money into the fixed amount. You can set milestones to pay for a given period of time until your investment is complete and you begin to enjoy all the benefits that come with investing in Queens Gardens.


6 Increased Value Over Time


Many people have gained a lot of benefits over time after they made the right choice of real estate investments. Queens Gardens will provide value for investors through rental rates that are continuing to rise over time due to high demand and costs of construction. Many years from now, the promising Queen Gardens will yield a high appreciating value and smart investors who are taking advantage of the opportunities now will enjoy the immense benefits in the future.


7 Stable Stream of Income


Investing in Queens Gardens promises to give you a steady flow of income which is more stable than any other form of investments. When you invest in Queens Gardens, you are certain that there will be no fluctuations on your investments because you are simply going to be collecting your ongoing income from time to time and hope to sell when the market is high and the price appreciates substantially. Investing in this real estate property shows safe and stable investments and could offer attractive tax benefits to you.


8 Wealth Generation


Everyone should own a property right? If you are in the position to own a property, then investing in Queens Gardens is a sure way of generating wealth. When you invest in this property, you can create wealth through hedging against inflation, appreciation and building equity. Renting out your property can also create passive income which is still a part of creating wealth through your investments. This is a good reason why you should invest in Queens Gardens because of these unending opportunities for wealth creation.


9 Network With Other Great Investors

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Queens Gardens 4




The neighbourhood around Queens Gardens creates a room to network with great businessmen and investors who share like minds with you. It also enables you to network with the high and mighty of the society as well as keep you informed with market trends in the real estate world.


10 Serenity


Queens Gardens makes it ideal for families to build comfortable homes that are safe and far from the hustle and bustle of Lagos. The estate is basically a suburban terrain with the quietness that is suitable for building a decent home and raising your kids. We all love to retire to an environment that makes us relaxed and Queens Gardens will give you the serenity you desire.

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