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How To Become a Real Estate Agent in Lagos, Nigeria.
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How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

Every day, people are always looking into buying and selling landed properties or houses. Home sellers can’t do without real estate agents because on their own, they will not be able to do much with selling their properties. Likewise, buyers will not also be able to find much information on properties that are available within a specific area of their choice without the help of real estate agents. People are usually very busy to hunt for houses or sell one because of their day to day activities and that is where real estate agents come into play. They need agents who will actively work for them while they attend to other personal matters.

Those who have tried selling a landed property or buying one have testified on the amount of stress it took them to do it on their own. It can be energy draining and frustrating especially in a city like Lagos. Even for those who want to rent apartments, this mission could be stressful without the help of an agent and it can leave one utterly disappointed. New housing estates keep developing in urban areas in Nigeria as well as developments and construction of companies. Millions of people are always on the lookout for decent accommodation or a good location to buy a good home. Agents are in the business of linking people up with accommodations and properties that suits their tastes as well as fit into their budgets and that is why they are in huge demand in Nigeria.

Real estate agents are the backbone of the real estate industry because we can’t do without their help from time to time and this is a good career one can also venture into. Places like Lagos, has a lot of housing challenges. The worst of it all is the house hunting within the four corners of Lagos. For those who have experienced it, it can truly make you crazy because the stress and expenditure hunting for a place are not fun at all. With the growing population in Lagos state, one cannot dispute the fact that real estate agents are very important as they take the entire stress off your shoulders and do the work for you. If this is a career you are so much interested in, then here are the steps you need to take to ensure that you become a professional real estate agent in Nigeria.

Become A Real Estate Agent, Lagos.

1. Get knowledge of the industry by educating yourself

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Nigeria 2
Taking professional courses to become a real estate agent in Nigeria is actually optional. You do not need any specific degree to enter into the business but if you want to take a degree in estate management to boost your career at the early stage of your entry, then it is also a good idea but it is not a rule for you to enter into the industry. Nigeria is a safe place where you become a real estate agent without any form of restriction.
You can either take a course on real estate management or learn under a big real estate guru which could also be your mentor in order to stand out in the real estate industry. Whichever way you choose is up to you. While you are taking any form of training, read more books on the business of real estate in order to gain all the knowledge that is required to become a professional real estate agent. Thank God for the internet, there is a bulk of information out there that can help you refine your knowledge of the real estate market.

2. Learn how to negotiate and sell

Selling houses is not easy at all but there is an art to how you negotiate and sell that makes you good at it. It might not be immediate but it is a skill you need to constantly practice and make perfect. Learn how to convince your sellers that you are the man or woman for the job and let the seller also know that you are trustworthy. But before you can perfect this art, you need to also learn about communication because it is very ideal when it comes to sealing a deal. You need to learn to be a good communicator so that you can be able to win buyers over. How you dress is also very important as that can give people an impression about you. So it is advisable that you dress smart so that you will not be taken for granted. When negotiating, be careful with commissions too. Be careful so that you do not come up as greedy so and slow down your career. Be honest with your dealings in such a way that you will grow a good community of referrals. Build solid relationships with your clients and make yourself useful to them.

3. Have a knowledge of the neighbourhood

You can’t be a real estate agent,especially in lagos, without understanding the neighbourhood you are dealing with. Knowing every detail can enable you to better communicate with your clients as well as answer all the questions that your clients will ask as regards to the neighbourhood. The confidence you get from the knowledge you gather will give you an edge above other real estate agents. This can also help you to get referrals because you understand the neighbourhood and the real estate market very well.

4. Advertise your business

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Nigeria 3
Make sure you get the word out about your services. It could be online and offline. If you do not advertise your services, no one will know that you exist. Word of mouth advertisement spreads like wildfire especially through referrals and thanks to the social media, you can also advertise your services and also urge family and friends to share it with their contact lists. You can also publish your services on real estate websites or (and) you can build your own website to appear more professional. Your customer care service to clients and potential clients should be strong because first impression matters. It can either make or mar a deal.

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