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How To Sell Real Estate Properties to Nigerians | DPKay Homes
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How to sell Nigeria property investment to a skeptic

 In every good investment, there is always a loss and a gain.

As promising as Real Estate property investment is and has been, it has had it downsides and many investors have lost a great deal of hard earned money by investing in this business.

This has made a lot of people become more sceptical when it comes to investing their money into this business. Skepticism has its importance in any investment; it helps a person who is very much interested to make informed decisions before parting with his or her money for a Real Estate Investment.

Everyone’s goal for investing is to get a reasonable ROI (Return Of Investment). It is only wise for a true investor to make his or her findings and be satisfied with the feasible prospects of His or Her investments.



This can be very challenging but it is not an impossible task. This is because real estate skeptics end up becoming the very best investors in the business due to the fact that they take their time in researching the property they intend investing.

A realtor marketing a property investment has to first understand the need of his or her clients before putting it out as an investment option. Real Estate investment is very wide and not every option is suitable for everyone.

Is your client after a property that is needed for an office, family apartment, or a property that could be converted into a factory?

It could also be a property that wants to be used for a hotel? Is he in need of a property that is fully furnished or he needs a property that can be renovated?

Some clients may even need landed virgin properties that no one has worked on before, to construct from the foundation.

Depending on the desires and need of your client, you offer him properties that suit His needs.

The next way to convince a skeptical real estate investor to invest in properties is to also find out the specific environmental characteristics your skeptical client needs. Some clients are after very country like regions, with less noise and more spacious for farm work so they could feel free to practice any form of farming techniques they desire.

Is your client running a business that attracts young bloods? Then properties he’ll invest in for His company would be in a very active city were most of His customers are.

Same goes for a client in need of a property for factory work, such property has to be outside town because of the noise it’ll produce that’ll affect the neighbourhood.

Properties that would be used for family residence, hotel, schools, restaurants and other busy lifestyles need to be located in the town to get the full ROI from the investment.



How to sell Nigeria property investment to a skeptic 2

What is your client financial strength?

What is your client’s estimated ROI (Return of Investment)?

All this information has to be considered when sourcing out properties and convincing them to invest.

If your clients is looking for a property in a college environment where he could rent to students and make his returns after a period of time, your job in convincing him to invest starts by first sourcing for properties around a college environs equivalent to his financial strength.

Then you convince him with data, the rate at which students seek for accommodation outside school and also the number of new intakes that are admitted yearly into the college.

This process also works for all forms of business. The financial capacity of your clients should tally with the investment options you have, and His or Her ROI should be clearly spelt out.

Once you can successfully convince your clients of the location and finance of your investment, the next step is convincing your clients that the legal documents of your properties are genuine, as lots of scams has been associated with this.


Step by step property investment verification

How to sell Nigeria property investment to a skeptic 3

In Real estate investment, every country, state and region have their laws associated with it. The government of each country worldwide has their expectations for several properties on their lands. This is done to secure the lives of its citizens and to ensure that Engineers take their time in putting out appropriate edifice that can accommodate lives safely.

To convince a very skeptical investor, as a realtor you have to ensure that all legal documents are genuine. You can start by taking your prospective clients to facially meet the title owner of the property he/she desires to invest in.

Also ensure that this property doesn’t have any legal case and all mortgage associated with it has been cleared. Be sure to verify all documents needed as regards to the property along with the clients.

If need be, go with your client to the various government agencies to make verifications. Document verification such as:

Title Verification: Be sure that the title owner is genuine and if for any reason the title name was transferred to a different owner, it was done legally.

Insurance Verification: Is the insurance claims of the property verifiable? This should be clear enough for your clients to see. You can take out time to go to the insurance company with your client to confirm this. There is also no problem if your client desires to change his/her Insurance company.

Land Survey Verification: Government approved land and property survey has to be carried out and the genuine documents with government seal must be shown.

Property Document Verification: this is to ensure that the property up for investment is built according to government sanction plan. This also ensures there are no issues regarding possessions and tenancy.

Project Verification: your clients has the right to know if the various documents required to carried out a project on that property has been approved by the various regulatory body.

All this and more is required in convincing your skeptical client to part ways with his or her money into property investment.

Are you a realtor and looking to start selling real estate to skeptics? Book a training session with DPKay Homes today.

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