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How To Market Real Estate in Nigeria: 10 Marketing Strategies - DPKay Homes
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How To Market Real Estate in Nigeria: 10 Marketing Strategies

The real estate industry has had its own fair share of ups and down just like every other industry has had over the past decade. The competition in the industry is fierce and real estate companies have been finding ways to beat the market at its games. Every day, new marketing ideas come up. Some have been successful while others have flopped.

To keep up with the industry trends and beat the competition in the real estate market in Nigeria, you will need both offline and online marketing strategies in order to stand out of the crowd.

With the internet, buyers have been able to research real estate properties available online and realtors are still are an important factor in the home selling and buying process. As soon as real estate went on the internet, most buyers first go online to search for properties before going offline to consult with a realtor. With the influx of social media and the world going digital by the day, if you are not engaging online then you will be missing out on a lot of opportunities.
Below are the 10 marketing strategies to market real estate in Nigeria.

1. Do not ignore social media

How To Market Real Estate in Nigeria: 10 Marketing Strategies 2
Thanks to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram, businesses can advertise to a larger number of people within a targeted demographic. Having different social media accounts for your real estate business helps you to show your potential clients images of the properties that are available for sale. Social media has created different tools that encourage users to be more creative. Some real estate companies have gone as far as using 3D videos to show clients properties that are for sale.

Interact with your users, share press releases and promote your properties through targeted adverts. Do not forget to also add social sharing to property pages in order to encourage users to share images or links of their favourite houses. Also, make sure that your contact is on every page in order to make potential clients easily reach you.

2. Beat the competition

How To Market Real Estate in Nigeria: 10 Marketing Strategies 3
Study the competition and see what your competitors are doing differently. How active are they on social media? How does their website look like? What innovations are they making with their services? Also, what are the market trends? How can you ride on the trends in order to make it work in your favour? Take note of the competition and come up with something better that will beat your competitors.

3. Create great contents

Have you heard the quote “content is King”? That sentence shows that you have to create compelling contents that will capture leads. You can create contents via free eBooks that give solid information on real estate and the “how to” that can add value to readers. Offering a free eBook in exchange for email addresses is a great way to capture leads.

If you do not want to go the eBook route, you can create blog contents that solve the needs of readers in the real estate industry. Once they see you as the “go to” guy that can solve their real estate problems. They will always come looking for your services as well as help you gain referrals.

Use the power of storytelling with a compelling copy alongside visual elements in your contents. People respond more to stories when you tell a good one.

4. Use a great Photographer

Having quality images is a plus in the real estate business. Bad photos will make people lose interest in hiring you. Visuals are very important to people and it has always helped businesses gain more clients because they know how to entice their potential customers into working with them. Hire a professional photographer who will create compelling images of your properties and share them on every platform.

5. Take branding serious

How To Market Real Estate in Nigeria: 10 Marketing Strategies 4
Branding can always give you the spotlight and you should make it your companion wherever you go to. You can brand freebies and give it out in local events and festivals of which you may want to sponsor. Doing this can put you in the spotlight and spread your brand.

6. Make your website mobile friendly

A lot of people are becoming tech savvy and at every moment, they are surfing the net looking for information with their mobile phones or simply having fun. If your website is not mobile friendly, it can make potential customers less interested in what you have to offer. They won’t wait for you to fix the issue but will go to your competitor to request their services. Ensure that when you are setting up your site, it will be mobile friendly and easy to navigate.

7. Get creative with local partnership

Strive to develop a good working relationship with local businesses and get creative with it. You can decide to have an agreement with a local restaurant to supply them with plates, mugs and hand towels that have your brand on it. There is no limit to how creative you can be with partnerships.

8. Get clients’ testimonials

Testimonials show a solid trust in your brand. When people see the good work that your services have done for others, they are compelled to also take action. Reach out to clients that were satisfied with your services and ask them for a testimonial. Make the most of these testimonials by placing them strategically on your social media pages as well as your website.

9. Make SEO your friend

Your site should be easily found on search pages and that is why it is so important to make SEO your friend. You can hire an expert who will help you with the right keywords that your copy can have in order to ensure that buyers Googling for homes in your area finds you.

10. Keep in touch and build referrals

Keeping in touch is a key ingredient in building your relationship with clients. Always keep in touch with both current and past clients. Send them greetings cards and thank you messages. Provide an incentive for former clients to refer you to potential clients who will be in need of your services.

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