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Don’t Make These 5 Silly Mistakes with Your Ibeju Lekki Land Purchase - DPKay Homes
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Don’t Make These 5 Silly Mistakes with Your Ibeju Lekki Land Purchase

Having a variety of choices is a part of life and there are a lot of varieties in the real estate world. It is always advisable to have different options when it comes to real estate investments so you do not face the painful consequences of putting all your eggs in one basket. A lot of time, investors make silly mistakes when they want to invest in landed properties especially in Ibeju Lekki environs and these silly mistakes can have an awful impact on their future income. A lot of people are still facing regrets from bad investments that they have made in the past and we do not want you to also make those regrettable blunders.

Landed properties in Nigeria has always been important to Nigerians because for some it could be a means of livelihood where they could farm or erect a structure that will yield enough profits annually. For others, the landed property has been a form of luxury and prestige to them. Whichever way, land has always been important to Nigerians as well as humanity at large. As much as real estate investment creates lots of high growth opportunities, they also create financial freedom for the investor.

Real estate investments appreciate over time and a lot of people are finding means to take part in the opportunities and wealth it creates. Most people see investment in Ibeju-Lekki as a goldmine, which of course is, but to take advantage of this goldmine opportunity; do not make these 5 silly mistakes with your land purchase:

1. Impatient with Real Estate Processes

Don’t Make These 5 Silly Mistakes with Your Ibeju Lekki Land Purchase 2

Businessman checking time on wristwatch

Many people love to jump the gun when purchasing lands and rushing the deal is a very silly mistake they make. Not being patient with all the processes involved will definitely create a problem for you as an investor and the consequences will be terrible. Purchasing land in Ibeju-Lekki can be very tedious and it also involves a lot of paperwork. It is very possible to miss very important details simply because you want to fast-track the purchasing process. Overlooking tiny details in the contract comes with a lot of regrets and could also create legal problems in the future. Instead of being so much in a hurry, all you have to do is to work with an expert who would help you look at the contract before you sign it. Why do you want to invest millions of Naira into a land in such a hurry and then realize you made a huge mistake after? Staying calm and taking each process one step at a time while executing a deal is very important as this will help you realize if this deal is better for you, find more relevant information regarding the landed property as well as discover a better deal. Patience is a key when investing in lands and it comes with its rewards.

2. Trusting Others Blindly

There are so many first-timer land purchasers and these set of people easily believes the word of others when they want to make an investment. Sometimes, too many advisers get them confused and they end up making silly mistakes. Trusting someone else blindly while investing can lead to consequences because most people have their own best interest. It is not everyone you should trust; including some agents. Trusting a third person blindly can make you invest in a landed property that does not suit your expectations or it can make you spend more than what is necessary. To invest in Ibeju Lekki lands, you have to consult experts who have a proven track record of offering good deals in the real estate market, only then can you be certain of being in good hands.

3. Expecting Too Much

Don’t Make These 5 Silly Mistakes with Your Ibeju Lekki Land Purchase 3
In order to avoid disappointments, we need to get rid of high expectations when investing in a land. You should have a realistic expectation when purchasing a landed property. There are several good options in Ibeju Lekki but if you have unexpectedly high expectations, you may likely not see other bigger investment opportunities in the other options available. In order for you not to make the wrong investments and regret it in the future, you have to cut off from high expectation.

4. Overlooking the Costs and Risks Involved

It is true that investing in a landed property can create wealth and people invest into real estate to make a lot of returns on their investments or profits but there are people who invest without calculating the costs which include; development, construction or conversion. Government fees, taxes, and registration charges should also be kept in mind before purchasing land in Ibeju Lekki. If all these costs are not calculated, it can put one in trouble and this can be a real estate investment risk. Ignoring the risk involved after purchasing a landed property is a very silly mistake. One should always consider the risks involved before signing a property contract.

5. Not Taking Paper Work Serious

Don’t Make These 5 Silly Mistakes with Your Ibeju Lekki Land Purchase 4
A lot of people have been given fake documents and have gotten cheated off their landed property. This is one experience no one wishes to have. Scrutinizing every paperwork to ensure that they add up to date and are legitimate must be necessary before purchasing a landed property in Ibeju Lekki. Documentation is the most important factor in land property purchase. It is very silly not to read a property document thoroughly as this could result in losing money and property.


Mistakes are sometimes unavoidable and can be very human but learning to avoid silly mistakes is a necessity when investing in a real estate property. Remembering all that has been discussed in this article will help you invest smartly and most importantly, always work with experts in the real estate market. DPKay Homes is the leading real estate company in Nigeria with a proven track record. Relying on our expertise will definitely put you on the right track towards a future of plenty returns on your investment.

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