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A Beginners Guide to Becoming a Certified DpKay Homes Realtor - DPKay Homes
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A Beginners Guide to Becoming a Certified DpKay Homes Realtor

If you are reading this article, then there is a strong chance that you want to be a realtor for DPKay Homes which is one of the best real estate companies in Nigeria. From showcasing the perfect real estate properties within the best locations in Lagos to helping families find their dream home, the life of a realtor seems to be awesome.

DPKay Homes is one of the best real estate companies in Nigeria with branches in other countries. We have a good track record of meeting customers’ needs and expectations as well as making Lagosians own a part of Lagos within exquisite environments.

When you are done reading the guide to becoming a certified DPKay Homes Realtor, I trust that you will be on your way to becoming our realtor.
In this article, I will cover all the steps and necessary skills you need and some tips to use along with your journey. Afterward, you can use all that you have learned here to execute and put it into work.

How passionate are you about real estate?
This is a question I need to ask before taking you through the steps needed. Is real estate right for you? It is important that you answer this question as this will decide if you are truly passionate about real estate or not before investing your time and resources into it.

Many people get into real estate because of all the benefits it will give to them. Most of them get into it so they can have a flexible working time, build rich connection and, but they do not realize how rocky the road can be sometimes.

Realtors that are making a huge difference in the industry were not born overnight. It took hard work and passion to get them to where they are now and DPKay Homes has a team of realtors who are very passionate at what they do and they give enough time and dedication into becoming better realtors by the day.
If you are willing to endure sleepless nights, long hours of studying the market as well as thrive to be successful in the real estate market, then you are on the right path and we will love to have you.

These are the skills required to become a certified DPKay Homes Realtor

It is very important to note that there are some certain skills required to make you a certified realtor and these skills must be fine-tuned before taking up a job as a realtor. Anyone can be a good realtor if they study and work on the skills involved that can make an impact on their real estate career. Below are the skills needed to become a DpKay Homes Realtor;

1. Customer service

A Beginners Guide to Becoming a Certified DpKay Homes Realtor 2
Realtors offer their knowledge of the law regarding real estate, regulations, pricing, negotiations, contracts and a lot more. To be a good realtor, you must possess customer service skill and be capable of answering clients’ every question on real estate.
Most clients will rely on you to carry out the most difficult part of a real estate transaction. Customer service here entails that you always keep them informed of the different processes and keep in constant contact during and after a sale.
Having a skill in customer service helps you to build a solid relationship between you and clients throughout the entire process and this will also help you grow some referrals.

2. Marketing

A Beginners Guide to Becoming a Certified DpKay Homes Realtor 3
DPKay Homes is strong with marketing and that is one unique skill they look out for in every realtor. A realtor’s ability to market properties effectively will determine how many homes they sell, how many leads that they generate and also, how much money they make.
Realtors make money off commission and that is why marketing is a necessary skill for every realtor. There is a lot of competition in the real estate industry amongst realtors and knowing all the creative elements of marketing gives you an edge. Marketing can be innovative through storytelling as well as the trust you earn while showcasing your skills. Give people a reason why they should choose you out of several other realtors. Identify what makes you stand out in the crowd.

3. Sales

Sale is a basic skill in the real estate industry and it is very important in DPKay Homes. Getting the best offer for a home is not just enough but there is much more involved which includes creating strategies to get clients, going through a good negotiation process and limiting expenses. As a realtor, you are not just selling landed properties or homes but you are also selling the company you work for. Why should people invest into DPKay Homes than any other real estate company?

Personal Traits
We have talked about skills but what attitude are you going to carry along with you as a realtor? DPKay realtors possess similar traits which include; honesty, transparency, great communication skills, friendliness and respect to clients irrespective of their race and class. If you are willing to be a certified DPKay Homes realtor, then these personal traits are very important because they are part of the core values of DPKay Homes and that is what have been making DPKay Homes thrive in the real estate industry. Your skills are not enough, attitude is more important.

Exam and Interview
A Beginners Guide to Becoming a Certified DpKay Homes Realtor 4
Knowing the skills and the personal traits you need to become a DPKay Realtor and a successful one at that, you will have to pass the real estate license exam as well as the interview that will be conducted by DPKay Homes. If you put your time and effort into preparing for the exam and interview, you will be able to make it through with flying colours. It is very important to take the exam and the interview very serious because DPKay Homes is known to have the best realtors in Nigeria. To be a certified realtor, ensure that you give us a reason to hire you.

Becoming a certified DpKay Homes realtor will be one of the best decisions you will make. It is a great way to reach your professional goals and add value in the real estate industry.

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