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8 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Comfort Zone Gardens - DPKay Homes
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8 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Comfort Zone Gardens

Investing in real estate is super rewarding and exciting. There are lots of
landed properties in Lagos state but not every property is worth making an
investment.  Most landed properties in Lagos have issues that might seem
to pose a problem in future but with DPKay Homes, you are assured of
having the best-landed properties in Lagos.
Are you looking for the best-landed property in Lagos state to invest in?
Then you should consider investing in comfort zone gardens. If you are
asking why then these are the 8 reasons why you should invest in comfort
zone gardens.
1. Beautiful Location
Comfort Zone Gardens is within a fast developing area in Lagos
state. It is located at Okun Ajah and it has the highest number of
private beaches in Lagos state. This secured environment is serene
and it is a great place to raise your kids and build a decent home.
The ambiance is relaxed and it is located between Abraham
Adesanya roundabout and Ogombo town, right on the road to
Atican beach. Comfort Zone Gardens is a “buy and build” estate and
have been fenced, filled. This estate is peaceful as it helps you feel
relaxed after the usual hustle and bustle in Lagos. It is not more than
20 minutes drive to the central business areas of Victoria Island and
Ajah. The title is government-approved excision and all documents
are easily verifiable with the relevant government authorities.

2. Close Proximity to Major Places Within the Neighborhood

8 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Comfort Zone Gardens 2


Image title – Atican Beach Resort Source – Hotels.ng

The neighborhood includes great places like the Atican beach,
Abraham Adesanya roundabout, Oriental Hotel, Ajah business
district, and Victoria Island business district. There is a good road
network to major places in Lagos and there is a stress-free
movement within the neighborhood.

3. Friendly Environment
Comfort Zone Gardens has a friendly environment that makes it
easy to reside in. This environment is perfectly safe for your family
or business and it is also a good place where you can achieve your
retirement dream. The environment is private for residents and
there is also a unique relationship among residents. Comfort Zone
Gardens have one of the friendliest communities in Lagos, which
builds quality scenarios for networking with people of class and like
minds like you. If you need a safe, relaxed and friendly environment
to build a unique home, then comfort zone gardens is the best
4. Alternative Means of Saving for More Investments
Investing in Comfort Zone Gardens can be an alternative means for saving
for more investments in the future, as we all know that real estate
investment can be a vehicle to creating wealth and passive income. It is
often recommended that families make good use of real estate investment
as it helps them actively save through the renter’s payments. The savings
can be used for your children’s college in future or make more real estate
investments that can double and triple your savings for a great retirement
plan. When a property is paid off, you can either sell or use it as a source
of cash flow. Investing in comfort zone gardens will guarantee stable
savings with many returns on investments.

5. Tax Benefits Through Depreciation
8 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Comfort Zone Gardens 3



There are different reasons why you should invest in Comfort Zone
Gardens and one of it is the fact that you can build legitimate wealth
through your investments over time. You can also generate income
when you lease out your property. You can have increased returns
due to the fact that during depreciation, you enjoy more tax
6. Enjoy Your Investments Even During Inflation
It is very normal for most people to fear inflation. That is quite
understandable but this is not the case when you invest in Comfort
Zone Gardens. Investing in Comfort Zone Gardens will definitely
hedge against inflation because as the price level goes up, so does

the rental income you get from your property as well as your
investment value. Investing here protects your investments against
immediate and long-term effects of inflation. An increase in the cost
of living usually creates a growth in your cash flow when it comes to
investing in a unique real estate property.
7. Diverse Benefits of Owning a Physical Asset
Apart from the fact that your investments are protected against
inflation, there is also that great feeling of having a unique physical
asset in your possession. Comfort Zone Gardens is worth investing in
because it gives you many returns irrespective of what you intend to
do with your investments. You can always monetize your property
by renting or residing in the property regardless of financial market
conditions. Investing in this real estate property creates alternative
investments opportunities and these opportunities are limitless. A
unique real estate property in Comfort Zone Gardens gives you a
sense of stability no matter the condition of the market.

8. Tenants Can Create a Steady Flow of Income for You
If you plan to rent out your property, you can be sure of a steady
cash flow. Your income from tenants will help upgrade your
property, fix repairs and manage your property taxes and mortgage.
Saving your cash flow for the down payment of your next property is
same as having your tenants pay down your current property while
helping you buy the next one. Your income starts to skyrocket after
renting out your property and you can have the best income
experience when you invest in Comfort Zone Gardens.

There are so many reasons why you need to invest in Comfort Zone
Gardens. Apart from security, serenity, comfort and the other reasons
listed above, you will be creating opportunities to help the local economy
by hiring local licensed contractors, purchase of building materials amongst
other construction opportunities. Apart from helping the local economy,
investing in Comfort Zone Gardens helps you create your dream home in a

perfect environment. Ready to invest in Comfort Zone Gardens? Contact
DPKay Homes today for great deals.

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