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8 Benefits of Investing in Balmoral Estate - DPKay Homes
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8 Benefits of Investing in Balmoral Estate

The year is brand new and a lot of people have made New Year resolutions and plans. Most of the plans include investments that have to do with landed properties. You might be among those making huge investment plans and if a landed property is part of your big plan, then you are quite lucky because DPKay Homes will ensure that you get the best property that will keep your family thanking you in the future.

Are you ready to invest in profitable real estate? Then here are the 8 benefits of investing in Balmoral estate

1 Location

We all love to reside in a location that looks welcoming and Balmoral estate is situated in a good environment within the New Airport Road, Elerangbe and it is fully owned by DPKay homes and property limited. Balmoral estate is a “buy and build” property because it is a dry land. You can bring that beautiful imagination into reality by building your dream home or company in an awesome environment. The land is totally free from any litigation either from the government or the indigenous people.


2 Beautiful Neighborhood

8 Benefits of Investing in Balmoral Estate 2           

Balmoral estate is situated in a beautiful neighborhood that has the New International Airport, Fourth Mainland Bridge, Pan Atlantic University and La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort. You can always go on a fun tour within your neighborhood, as tourists love the neighborhood a lot. Imagine giving your guests a treat in the beautiful places within this environment. With a beautiful place like this, you can relax with family and friends, have awesome photo and video shoots for a lifetime filled with memories and most of all you can have peace of mind.


3 The Flexibility of Income


You gain enough flexibility when you invest in real estate. And investing in Balmoral estate can build up your portfolio over time as well as use the income you get from your investment as your main source of income. This income can come from renting out your property that tends to pay off over time. You can manage your properties within your timeframe or work schedule. Having a flexible income makes you not to be tied down to a 9 to 5 salary stream of income but it gives you an earning potential that can be limitless. Investing in Balmoral estate can give you a flexible income that your future will thank you for.

4 Stability



Investing in Balmoral estate gives you the benefits of stability and dependability. This is because most businesses will prefer to stay in a fixed location for a longer period. This can also include a building given out for rent that can continue to be in a good location for a long time. Whatever you intend to do with your landed property in Balmoral estate, you can be rest assured that in many years to come, your investments will still pay off and the location will keep springing out great opportunities that will benefit you in the future.

5 Benefits of a High Rate of Return


8 Benefits of Investing in Balmoral Estate 3One of the benefits of investing in Balmoral estate is the potential for gaining a huge rate of return. In many years, landed properties in Balmoral estate will be yielding a higher profit for investors willing to own a landed property. It is possible to earn rental returns of 10 percent to 20 percent, which is much better than any investments out there. Balmoral estate is very promising and in years to come, it will yield investors more than what they hoped for. Why not take advantage of this investment opportunity for the future?




6 Investing in Balmoral Estate is Worth a lifetime investment

8 Benefits of Investing in Balmoral Estate 4




You can always sell your property when you own one, which means that your real estate investment can never go down to zero even during a recession. We have all heard that most real estate value usually appreciates and it is also important to note that Investing in Balmoral estate can never be compared to the stock market where value can sometimes be reduced to zero. Investing in Balmoral estate is worth everything and can never be worth nothing. The value keeps going up and your future will thank you for the wise investments you are making now.


7 Limitless Opportunities

Investing in Balmoral estate provides a countless number of opportunities for investors.  You have the option to invest in the “buy and build” land to create a single-family residence, commercial building, and multi-family homes or just sell out the vacant land.  All these opportunities are given to you at a platter of gold so you can decide which works best for you depending on your initial startup or preference. Even if you are indecisive of what to do with the landed property in Balmoral estate, DpKay homes can help give you the numerous options out of all the opportunities that Balmoral estate has to offer.  


8 Security


8 Benefits of Investing in Balmoral Estate 5Everyone loves to feel secure in an environment they love. Balmoral estate is not only located in an attractive environment but also, it is located in a place with maximum security. You have the freedom of moving around your vicinity at any time of the day without fear of insecurity. Whatever plan you have for your investment in Balmoral estate, you can be certain that your landed property is well secured and will always be secured for a very long time.



Investing in Balmoral estate has many benefits. Apart from the comfort that it gives to you or your business, you can be so sure of a high return of investment as well as the fact that you can make a passive income out of your investments.  There is a large demand for properties in Balmoral estate and we are certain that the value of the landed properties will keep appreciating with time as well as increasing your potential for profits. With the above benefits listed, you will agree with me that investing in Balmoral estate will give you real value for your money. There are lots of benefits involved when you invest; ready to buy into the prestigious Balmoral estate? Contact us today.

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