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7 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Sale And Invest in Another Property - DPKay Homes
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7 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Sale And Invest in Another Property

You want to invest in a new real estate property but to do that, you need to sell your old home and add the money to your budgeted savings to get a new property. It is okay, most people do that but the question is; how will you package your house for buyers to purchase it at a high rate? Preparing your home for potential buyers is as important as purchasing a real estate property for yourself. Here are the 5 ways to get your home ready for a sale and invest in another property.

1. Talk to a Professional and Well Trusted Realtor

7 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Sale And Invest in Another Property 2

Professional realtors are the only ones that can give you the right advice on selling your home and investing in a new one. These realtors can also
keep you updated on properties that can fit into your budget once you have sold your home. DpKay Realtors are very professional when it comes to guiding you to make the right choices and invest smartly. With the available real estate properties in DpKay Homes, you can be certain to get the best property within your desired location that can suit your budget. Our realtors will give you professional advice on selling your property to the right investor as well as assist you in investing in a new one.

2. Fix everything that is Broken

It is advisable to inspect your home upfront so you can detect what needs to be fixed or repaired. Inspecting your home early can make you
realize what you never took note of like broken window glass, broken door handle and other minor and major discoveries. You will be surprised how many broken things you have laying around to be fixed or replaced. Potential buyers always notice these flaws when they come with their inspectors to inspect the home and it is advisable for you to
make all the necessary repairs because they will check out every single detail from the wiring of the house, foundation, plumbing and a lot more. When you have fixed all that is broken, buyers will not want to underpay you simply because they noticed some flaws with your property. Repairs can take some time, so it is advisable to start on time
and be done with it before you put the house out for sale.

3. Do some renovations

7 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Sale And Invest in Another Property 3

Before you sell your property, you should do some quality renovations. Do not give buyers the impression that they are buying an ancient house
in this new generation. Make renovations on the kitchen and bathroom most especially and update fixtures that can make your house stylish like nice bathtub, cabinet, and other appealing fixtures. Remodelling your kitchen or bathroom might cost you some Naira but it will add more value to your property with more than 50% return on investment. Renovate smartly and sell your property at higher rates, only then will you be able to make enough money for a better real estate investment.

4. Focus on the Exterior of your Home

The exterior of your home is the first impression that buyers get and it is very important to them. Instead of replacing a bathtub, you can paint it
to make it look as new. Doors can be replaced in order to make the exterior of your property look nice. It is much better than replacing a wardrobe or kitchen cabinet which can be repainted or fixed at a low cost. The exterior of your house speaks better of your property and makes it look more valuable to potential buyers. Make sure that the
bulbs outside make the exterior of the house glow beautifully. Make sure that all the bulbs are working. Be artistic about selling your property. It is better to spend a good amount of money making the exterior look appealing than replacing things that could simply be reworked on in order for them to look as new. The exterior of your home can tell if your return of investment will be high or low. The exterior if appealing enough can amount to more than 80% of your return on investment.

5. Use a welcoming Paint

You can give your house a makeover or a facelift by painting it with a white or neutral colour. Make sure the colour on the exterior is welcoming and flattering. Anything that is less artistic will appeal to only a few buyers but might not get you the best paying client. Every part of your house should have cute looking painted walls rather than colours that scare off potential buyers by making them think of how to repaint and fix the walls after they have invested in your property.

6. Get rid of odours

Pay close attention to any form of odour in the house or within the surrounding. There some properties with foul smell environments, which
might come from the gutters or an over-due waste tank. Since you want to give them a good first impression from the exterior of the house, you need to take care of the odour before they arrive. Also, you should be sensitive to odour within the house too which might result from smelling furniture or carpets. The smell alone can drive potential buyers away before they can think of negotiations. To sell smoothly, you need to fix this.

7. Get Ready to Sell

7 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Sale And Invest in Another Property 4

You have put everything in place and it all looks good, next thing you have to do is to sell to the right buyer. If you can’t figure out who the
right paying buyer will be, DpKay realtors can sort that out for you and once your property is being sold, you can now relax and embark into the next phase of your real estate investment journey and enjoy all the benefits that comes with it. With several beautiful real estate properties under DpKay Homes, be rest assured that you are in good hands and your investments will yield plenty of positive results.

Are you ready to sell your property in Nigeria but don’t know how to go about it? Contact us and speak with any of our agents today we are always willing to help you get the best deals for your property.

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