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5 Tested Real Estate Marketing Strategies for Realtors - DPKay Homes
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5 Tested Real Estate Marketing Strategies for Realtors

Smart Nigerian real estate agents are learning how to adapt their real estate marketing plans in order to keep up with incessant changes in the industry. Sometimes, your best marketing strategies are not the best after all as it gets shaky when you go practical. Some realtors are having a huge challenge with marketing and reaching their goals. Just like every other industry, marketing is always a huge task when it comes to getting leads and making progress.

In order to get you thinking strategically, here are 5 tested real estate marketing strategies that will work no matter the challenge you face in the real estate industry.


  1. Build Your Brand and Links to Your Website by Using Strategic PR

5 Tested Real Estate Marketing Strategies for Realtors 2Top productive agents are busy which means that they hardly find time to respond to emails from their PR agents. Since you have a lot of knowledge about the real estate company, you can easily close deals with strategic PR, which will set you apart from those top agents. Providing quotes for the press is one of the best ways to build your brand and leave a positive impression in the minds of people. This alone is called good PR.

Being quoted in the media will bring you in front of a bigger audience because if you think about it critically, you will barely reach a lot of people via your social media platforms but an article in a local newspaper or digital media may reach thousands of people and the better you get at it, the more you get recognized.

You can build links to your website and rank higher on Google when your article is published. If so many people are linking to your website, Google ranks your article because of the fact that more links create a better site. When you pitch your quotes to media outlets, you can have them create a link to your site and this can be a huge advantage you can have over other realtors.

You can include your media exposure on your website presentation and listing. This shows your leads that you are an expert in the real estate industry when you provide them with links to your media collection.


  1. Use Paid Traffic To Generate Marketing Qualified Leads

In order to test how viable a real estate marketing strategy is, you need a lot of leads. If you want to run any form of campaign, you actually need leads. You can either buy leads (not recommended) or generate one through strategic paid search ads or social media advertising.

Once you have a good number of leads, you can try A/B testing different strategies with different lead sets in order to see what works best for you.

Getting accurate results with A/B testing usually takes a lot of time.  If you want to accurately adjust a successful marketing idea or test out a new marketing idea, then you will have to be patient enough to wait for results. There are so many variables at play and as such, you will have to give it some time in order to have enough leads to compare results. This may take months and you will also have to factor in inventory and new market seasons, which can be complicated at times.

While there are a lot of companies selling leads online, there are also few that can deliver the quantity and volume of leads you will need to quickly make your marketing worth it.


  1. Make Your Community Pages to Rank on Google for a Niche of Keywords


Like earlier said about doing PR through press releases and media linking, making your community pages to rank on Google can give you a big break if well combined with strategic PR and this is a great way to boost your site’s ranking on Google page. The idea is to make hundreds of pages that target niche keywords in your brand.

Populate those pages with listing feed from your provider showing listings in specific areas, then write up useful information about the area. You can do a keyword search to figure out the most searched keywords in your industry.

This strategy works because there are chances that it’s only a few people that will have very specific pages and this makes it easier to rank on Google’s first page. You can build an audience by creating an unlimited number of pages.


  1. 3D Tours and Virtual Staging Strategy

5 Tested Real Estate Marketing Strategies for Realtors 3

Just like every good marketing idea, this one promises to give you a good ROI. In as much as 3D tours and virtual staging could be very expensive, this can actually come out as very impressive for your clients and potential homeowners. It will be a wise investment for future returns. Clients will hire an agent with an impressive 3D tour of properties than one who has images stored on his android phone. 3D tour will impress the people who matters most. The most important people for the future of your business are the ones that enthusiastically refer you to people who are also looking for a great agent.

3D tour companies are springing every day and using their services will definitely give you great image quality with smooth and easy navigation that will make the tour interesting and compelling.


  1. Engage Former Clients Strategically

Most realtors still use the old form of keeping clients engaged through email newsletters, news or sending photos of their latest listing. This does not work all the time. Sometimes go offline to engage clients rather than remain online. Having a one on one conversation with your former clients is way better than lots of newsletters. When you give your former clients a good experience, they will love to share the information on their social media pages in order to advertise your services. You will even get more engagement if you plan small events like sit outs, picnics, tour, informational seminars, or sports. This means you need to build events around your passion. Organizing this helps you to stay engaged with your former clients and helps them to even be more educated on the happenings in the real estate industry. This is a proven strategy that will help you generate more leads amongst former clients who will also refer you to potential clients.


Ready to start marketing your estate? Our professionals at DPKay Homes can help you out with implementing these strategies. Get in touch with us today.

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