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4 Things You Should Never let your Real Estate Agent Do For You - DPKay Homes
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4 Things You Should Never let your Real Estate Agent Do For You

By all standards and by its inherent definition, a real estate agent is your trusted confidant in making your decisions on purchasing a property. Their professional experience and knowledge show that they will be able to help you make the best purchase decisions. Nevertheless, this fact doesn’t imply a lackadaisical attitude on the side of the buyer. You may run into much regret when you leave behind key aspects of your land purchase decision to your real estate agent alone. After all, it is you who is to enjoy the rewards of a good property choice.

I have listed here 4 aspects that you should never let your real estate agent do on your behalf.

1. Inspecting your intended property

In the early phase of your buying decision, is the inspection. In this phase, you have a feel of the property as you get to see it and ascertain the possible value of the land based on topography, location, and road accessibility among others. Buying a property is an objective decision to be made by the buyer, meaning, a real estate agent or anyone else may not satisfactorily give an objective opinion on the property. Your real estate agent’s words are not the final say on the property without your physical inspection. It is advisable to make out time and visit the interested land or property. Take a camera if you can, for pictures which you can study after the physical inspection. You want to be sure you are satisfied with what you see when reviewing the photos.

DPkay Homes Ltd is open for you to schedule for the inspection of the property of your choice. We will give you a tour of the properties and answer every question you have. Make your purchase decisions based on objectivity.

2. Deciding what property you should buy

4 Things You Should Never let your Real Estate Agent Do For You 2

Your real estate agent serves only as your guide in choosing a land/property. Leaving the decision of your choice of property solely to your real estate agent could be like setting a time bomb. You wouldn’t want to realize that you made a mistake in buying a particular land. You want a land whose value will appreciate greater times over within a short time. You want to be fully aware of what choice you have made. This means you will do your background findings besides what you have been told by your real estate agent. Deciding on land to buy should be based on your budget, condition of the land including topography, access to a good road network, and the possible future value of the land. The title of the land is yet another crucial aspect in deciding what property you should buy. Research properly the title covering the land so you don’t make a wrong decision.

There is always a point to begin your research on your ideal property, we can provide you with detailed information on our properties and also advise you on where you can access further information.

3. Doing your paperwork

Just as it is a risky game to have someone else write your exam by impersonating you; it is even more risky to put your entire paperwork in the hands of your real estate agent. Your paperwork means your signature crests all the documents that confirm you are now the owner of the land. Imagine if these paper works were false or half was done at the least. That will be heart wrecking, especially if you worked hard to get the money you invested. Your paperwork is your paperwork, not the real estate agent’s. No amount of money paid is enough to make you not to do your due diligence to ascertain the veracity of the land.

DPkay Homes will work with you along the phases of securing your land, by advising you on your interested purchase including guiding you on the paperwork nevertheless, the responsibility in ensuring your entire paperwork is done, is solely yours.

4. Developing your property

4 Things You Should Never let your Real Estate Agent Do For You 3

Now you have purchased land for your intended use whether it is residential and/or commercial purposes. Developing your property is a professional work based on your budget, the intended purpose, and future value. A real estate agent, whose specialty is in land sales, may not be in the best position to develop your property as one with an expertise in land/property development. Always ensure you employ the services of professionals to get the best in your real estate development choice.

Dpkay homes are professional real estate agents and developers. We sell both dry lands and developed properties giving you a wide range of options. Buy land from us or better still an already developed property that suits your needs and taste. Dealing with us is a rest of mind.

There are so many aspects of your purchase decisions that a real estate agent can do for you, yet you have a responsibility which negating to your real estate agent can spell doom. Based on all the aforementioned, you have to be in control of the purchase process. The land purchase should be a logical decision based on objective research and inspection.


Purchasing a landed property or a home is a big step towards living that investment dream but we should be careful about how we work with real estate agents. Most real estate agents are very professional and with their expertise, they will give you the best but nevertheless, we should never allow our real estate agents carry out some tasks on their own, with or without our consent. It is true that not everyone has the knowledge on how the real estate market runs but there is basic knowledge that you should know in order to avoid making mistakes that will cost you a lot in the future. Real estate agents that are honest and professional will say the same things that have been discussed in this article because they are very transparent and will definitely want you to have a happy investment. DpKay Homes realtors have these awesome characteristics and you will definitely be in good hands when using our services. Need the services of a trusted and professional real estate agent? Contact us today.

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