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How To Sell Real Estate Properties to Nigerians | DPKay Homes
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10 Expert Qualities of DPKay Realtors

A Realtor is one popular occupation that most young people aspire to be. He or She is the middle person between a buyer and a seller in the real estate market. Being a realtor is a job that doesn’t fade out as people would keep migrating to new places annually. So being relevant and making real estate services more genuine and promising gives clients’ reasons to trust in their investments. Good realtors create good clients’ testimonials.


It is known that realtors can be fraudulent and dishonest as they can only make money when their clients make a purchase and they could go as far as giving false information about the properties they are marketing just to convince their clients to make payments.


DPKay homes works with well-trained professional realtors who possess the following qualities.

  1. Honesty and Transparency

Honesty and transparency are moral attributes that connote being fair and sincere. An honest person is a genuinely truthful person and DPKay realtors are people that will answer all your doubts genuinely without saying what does not exist. Being honest can be very difficult mostly in real estate business as most realtors have the poor mindset of thinking that being completely open about the properties available for sale may discourage their clients from investing. DPKay Homes have trained their realtors to know that complete honesty and transparency will bring the right clients and it’ll put their clients in the right frame of mind about the investment they are making and all the possibilities it has to offer. Honesty all keeps the real estate business growing.

  1. Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand the pain or feelings of someone. Realtors with an empathetic attribute are very commendable and it draws people towards them. DPKay realtors are groomed to be very understanding. Yes, they know how to win clients and render the best services. Empathy is one powerful tool realtors in DPKay Homes use to hold their clients and keep them coming back. This is because they understand the need and desire of their clients to invest, we also understand that most times investments are done out of sacrifice and the hope for a better tomorrow. Having this in mind, DPKay realtors create an understanding with their clients to know their present investment strength and work with it in finding the right property they can invest in.

  1. Professionalism

10 Expert Qualities of DPKay Realtors 2Professionalism involves how a person conducts His or Herself when carrying out his duties. DPKay realtors are professional in their conducts. They display good communication skills and are always proactive with business conversations. They are reliable and accountable to their words and actions. Having a first time communication with DPKay realtors over the phone, they maintain good phone etiquette by listening more to your needs and questions, and also returning phone calls. Professional realtors provide feedbacks to their clients and they do not lie about the value of a property.

  1. High Products and Industry Knowledge

DPKay realtors are fully aware of the products and services DPKay Homes offer and they are in a good place to educate you about every piece of information you need concerning the property you want to invest in. They are very knowledgeable in the real estate field. They are very vast about the ongoing and future developments your property will undergo within the environment. Their knowledge about the business drives the passion at which they’ll relay the investment information to you.

  1. Reliable

DPKay realtors are very dependable; you can rely on them for information and you can trust them with anything related to real estate. They are always a phone call or chat away when you need their help. Sometimes, issues on real estate investments can be daunting but DPKay realtors make it very easy at every step of the way for clients. Being reliable helps clients feel relaxed because there is an interesting client relationship going on.  

  1. Integrity

10 Expert Qualities of DPKay Realtors 3DpKay realtors have high ethical standards and they are well trusted by their clients. They are principled and committed to doing what is right as their client’s success is their success. With the high number of Nigerians complaining about their bad experiences with realtors, DPKay realtors have proven that you can still have a smooth and honest relationship working with them through the process of acquiring the property of your dream.

  1. Expert Communicator

DPKay realtors not only listen to your questions on real estate’s matters but they provide all the helpful answers you can get. They are more than just realtors; you can consider them as a friend because they will make you feel very comfortable throughout the process. No matter the distance and the time, they are always ready to communicate with you one on one or over the phone to give you all the information you need as well as give you meaningful answers to any question you have. DPKay realtors are always in constant contact with their clients.

  1. Timely

DPKay realtors are timely with keeping their clients well informed while working within the timeline of their clients. They are always responsive and present when their attention is needed on real estate matters. DPKay realtors are proactive and are always on time to help you through signing property papers, legal documentation, inspect properties and make the right buying decision. They always have quick and timely responses for clients’ satisfaction.

  1.     Pay attention to details

From comparing different properties, giving you different rates, reviewing contracts or even looking at tiny details about a property, DPKay realtors will always ensure that you have all the details at your fingertips. They will never leave any stone unturned and this is a strong quality they possess and will give you a reason to trust them.

  1. Problem solvers

DPKay realtors have been able to serve a number of satisfied clients and as often, every client comes to DPKay Homes for help in purchasing a property and DPKay realtors helps them in solving tough real estate issues and makes sure all transactions go smoothly.

Want to be a expert realtor? Join the DPKay team, click here to become a real estate consultant.

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